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phone is back

phone is back, <eom>

phone should be back shortly

the last approval for getting my phone back on came through- you should be able to start pestering me again around 3:30.
"breaking" is the DLI track that appears on the electronic saviors comp (which also has a new remix of EGC's "minivan" by josh_zero), and mopmonster plays guitar on it, but i actually wrote most of it, as i recall, so it's... sorta me? fortunately, james is a much, much, much better guitarist than i am, so it's actually... good. also, two of the older tracks they have posted there actually feature me on guitar- "feuer" and "you kill me". oh, and that's phreddiva in the background on "you kill me".

i haven't heard these songs in ages!

no phone

so corporate fucked up and erroneously disabled my phone service this morning- thus i have no phone. for some reason getting it turned back on requires six trillion approvals from management, half of which have already gone through, but who knows how long this whole thing will take. yes, i could solve this problem by getting an additional phone that isn't tied to my work, but i haven't. whatever. anyhow i'll try to stay somewhat local to the interwebs, so if you really need something, email/IM/fb/whatever until further notice.

cruel fate and audio units

so after many moons of desperate yearning, i finally got my favorite distortion plugin and suite of associated effects working as fake audio units in logic (the AU package on there does not contain several key effects that i love, notably "bandisto") by using vstau. i came up with some amazing tones for the C/A/T set on friday, and all was well... until i restarted mainstage, and found out that not only does mainstage/logic not retain settings for VSTAUs after restarting, but the internal presets don't work either.

my theory is that there's a way- possibly a relatively simple one- to edit the .aupreset file to contain the necessary information. does anybody have experience with editing those and want to lend a hand? i've done some cursory googling on it- it appears that it's possible, but people only seem to have tried it with FXpansion, which i would have to purchase, and i'd rather not.


because i am batshit crazy, i came up with a batshit crazy workaround- since i'm using mainstage, i can easily route arbitrary MIDI messages to modify parameters, so i just put a bunch of "buttons" in my layout assigned to various midi keys that i can hit at the beginning of the performance to trigger the plugins to lock in to the appropriate parameter presets. this is totally nuts and exactly the kind of bullshit i'm supposed to be avoiding by not using windows anymore... but it works!
Despite repeated entreaties from its handlers to never let it touch a phone, let alone a computer, EGC's giant refrigerator robot mascot, Edgar G. Chillingston, has managed to create a twitter account. While threatening to dole out the harshness of Wintery band-updates on a regular basis, the fridge has also begun to vomit its own brand of capslocked down-home country folk wisdom upon the screaming, flailing mass of human detritus that comprises the Internet, and as we stare bleakly in to its dead, cruel eyes, we can do naught but ask why. WHY.

Follow the fridge before it follows your leftovers in to a back alley and has its way with them.


hey! EGC's remix of "alkali" (one of my all-time favorite 16volt tracks) is on the new remix disc!

check out the tracklist:

there's some epic stuff on there, plus a bunch of friends. skold, acumen/cyanotic, bryan black (haloblack!), left spine down, unter null, and caustic!

YEEHAW. more official announcement soon.

side note:

i'm really excited about this mix. aside from 16volt being one of my favorite bands, alkali is one of my favorite tracks, which is a pretty rare opportunity for remix-doage. generally when you get asked to do a mix you either get assigned a song or you have to choose from amongst a selection of tracks from a new album that you're generally not yet particularly familiar with. in this case, however, i happened to have a version of alkali from back in '02 that i've been listening to ever since, but it wasn't officially released until this past year's "american porn songs", so i actually got to remix a song i've loved for years. we get compared to 16volt a lot, and they're definitely a major influence, so i wanted to make sure i was doing something interesting, and i think i managed it.

hopefully there will be previews up soonish.







the second half of wax trax! is dead

dannie flesher (frequently "fleisher", although flesher appears correct) died on sunday. his partner, jim nash, died 15 years ago. they both died from AIDS-related complications. they were the founders and owners of wax trax! records, the single most influential record label in the history of american industrial music, and the home, at one point or another, of ministry, KMFDM, my life with the thrill kill kult, front 242, front line assembly, laibach, in the nursery, foetus, psychic TV, chris connelly, coil, the KLF, revCo, sister machine gun, the young gods, pig, a split second, meat beat manifesto, cubanate, underworld, VNV nation, die warzau, autechre, clock DVA, and perhaps most importantly: psykosonik.

...okay, maybe not "most importantly". but still.

to say that wax trax! has been influential in my life is an absurd understatement. my entire musical career, and in fact one might say my entire concept of what music should be is based around the wax trax! black box, which i bought when i was 14 years old.

i'm proud to say that i now work with a record label that's vaguely related to another label that's owned by a guy who used to work at wax trax!. the fact that i care or even know about that fact demonstrates only a tiny fraction of the significance of this organization in my life.

the halls of valhalla are richer today, or something.


HEY LA PEOPLE. a bunch of you have said you're coming to the show on thursday and haven't bought tickets. YOU MUST PREORDER TICKETS, FROM US, IF YOU ARE GOING. if you don't, or do something dumb like try to buy them from ticketmaster, we will not get paid, you will pay extra, and i will be mad at you.

order here, and ONLY here:
SALZBURG, AUSTRIA- Thursday, January 7, 2010. The day that Everything Goes Cold will finally meet the goddamn heroes of Arnocorps on the battlefield of Los Angeles in a terrifying audio assault. It's EGC's first venture to Los Angeles since the heady days of 2008, and your first venture out of the house since your mom stole your shoes. You can wear those giant bear slippers you got for Thanksgiving.

BUT THERE'S MORE. We have a pre-order page for tickets featuring deep discounts on merch! Buy your ticket in advance with a copy of the Prepare To Be Refrigerated EP, the new album, vs. General Failure, or the totally awesome Ice Brigade Pack and pick your merch up at the show to save on price and shipping! Preorders are available here:

January 7, 2010
Everything Goes Cold opens for ARNOCORPS
8901 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood
Get there early!!

(Also, seriously, pre-order tickets or we don't get paid. Then we'll have to crash at your house after the show and it will be aaaawkwaaaaard.)


PACHACOSA, PERU - Eric Gottesman, the enigmatic frontman of EVERYTHING GOES COLD, has been interviewed by the supple and sultry hands of CAUSTIC frontman Spencer Tambora (not_eurotic) in the newest release from Connexion Bizarre. Click here to read about Coldwave, drunkenness, and a walrus on his junk:

fucking discogs

can somebody on discogs approve this already? it's been yellow flagged for like a year.


NEWSFLASH: Everything Goes Cold's Eric Gottesman interviewed at great length on this week's edition of the Razorblade Dancefloor podcast. Also, human helicopter consumes own face. Details at 11.

(this gag stolen from a conversation with chipadeedoodah earlier today.)

fancypants village, tonight

be advised: as per today's mailing, tonight's death guild is the san francisco record release party for vs. General Failure. you were going to show up anyhow, but um. SHOW UP MORE.


BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA, NORTHERN HEMISPHERE- After at least seven minutes of agonizing anticipation, Everything Goes Cold will celebrate the painful and oozing release of their debut album, "vs. General Failure" with an unprecedented live performance of the entire album, featuring guest appearances and potentially unflattering headgear on Friday, December 11, at Berkeley's historic 924 Gilman St.- traditional home of the youngest, smelliest people you will ever see with liberty spikes.

They will be joined by the Bay Area's Coldwave powerhouse Slave Unit, Crunch Pod Records' newest grumpy Industrial pound-fest Syndika:Zero, local boy-band-turned-Aggrotech-act Ascension EX, retired middle school librarians Marrow, and your unkempt, jobless uncle, wearing only one shoe.

You'd better come get him, he's starting to creep out the neighbors.

For more Information go to:

Dec. 4th, 2009

also, if anybody is feeling obscenely generous, i would not object to one of these showing up at the show on friday, which is coincidentally the first night of hannukah.

just sayin'.

content! kinda!

i have a long essay about the problems with lyrics in industrial music planned, but for the moment, here, have a silly music-related survey meme from matertenebrarum:

concert-related questionsCollapse )

album release brouhaha

sweet christmas i am exhausted. immediately following a trip to LA for family stuff (which was great) and a series of unbearably frustrating catastrophes at ye olde bunker of das (where i was very happy to see the large array of friends from distant lands, none of whom had anything to do with said catastrophes), i came home to an epically long band rehearsal from which i just returned.


but the good news is: my band is awesome, we sound great, and i can't wait for you all to hear this stupid album, to play this stupid show on 12/11 at the gilman, and finish this stupid special edition thing which stitchmind and i have been plowing away at for what seems like forever.

more details on that soon, but first, please substitute the word "stupid" for "awesome" each time it occurs in the prior paragraph, and i would entreat you to come to the december 11 show. we weren't 100% sure how it was gonna work out pretty much until today, but it looks like we've got it together and we are actually going to play the entire album all the way through from start to finish. our friends slave unit and syndika:zero will be joining us, along with a band called marrow that i'm not familiar with. there will be at least one sweet special guest appearance, copies of the disc, and general tomfoolery.

you can't drink at gilman, but you CAN drink at either t-rex, an awesome upscale BBQ place down the street (i also recommend eating there, and at the other fine berkeley restaurants by the same owners, lalimes and sea salt), or at the pyramid brewery across the street (i recommend drinking beer there, but less so with the eating), or in the alleyway behind the liquor store because you're classy like that.

anyhow, most of the time i tell my friends that they should only show up to my performances if they actually feel like going and not to stress if they can't make it, but on rare occasion i have an "important" show that i really do care whether you show up. THIS IS SUCH A SHOW. so please show up.

also, we're doing pre-orders on the special edition as soon as we peg down exactly what's going to be in it and how much it should cost. more info soon.

and now in stupid unix questions

i have a bash script that needs to ssh in to a machine and restart networking, which will result in the machine coming back with a new IP, thus disconnecting ssh.

is there any sane way to do this? my inclination is to find some way to just have the thing exit after a certain number of seconds, but i suspect there's a cleaner way.

Nov. 19th, 2009

as this year draws to a close, i'm realizing that i've actually purchased surprisingly little new industrial music.

what have i missed out on?

dammit, pixies

okay, i've heard enough people rant about how great last night was that i've decided to pay the whopping sum necessary to go see the pixies tonight. it appears to be sold out, however there are a veritable plethora of people selling tickets at face value on CL.

have any of you who went the prior two nights observed people selling tickets outside at sane prices or anything, thus saving me an annoying trip down to whereever for a dubious CL deal?

also, msjen, i am totally sorry i flaked on buying yours for yesterday. my night got all screwy and i couldn't go. blek.
Regen Mag interview EGC's Eric Gottesman here about the band's lifelong passion for hats made out of bees.

Everything Goes Cold:

Bit Riot Records:

(incidentally, that's a photo from a shoot we did with psychomorbidity, edited by danny of deconbrio, with whom we are playing at the DNA on friday.)

bash my head in

queen of france
did you know that you can change bash's internal field separator such that it doesn't see spaces as unit-separating characters in arrays? i didn't!

export IFS=$'\n'



now i get to comb back through my code and remove every stupid "convert space to random character that i don't think will otherwise occur" thing that i've done. yippee.


"well, by 'guest appearance with combichrist', i really meant 'eating cookies on stage with combichrist'. close enough, right?"

(also, elevatordown took some great pics of the show on sunday here.)

with apologies to negativland

before you all start pounding me with the link repeatedly for the next two weeks, yes i am aware of this, and yes it is pretty funny.

local shows aplenty!

In celebration of the impending sexy and chilling release of our first full-length, EVERYTHING GOES COLD VS. GENERAL FAILURE, we are playing way too many shows at your house. If you live in multiple San Francisco Bay Area concert venues. Which you do.


Just added to the bill with Combichrist and Informatik, and local newcomers Demodulate! We go on early! Get your first taste of the new album! Watch as we shake our fists at Tyler for leaving us, and show off our new keyboardist, Mike Blodgett of Abby and the Pipsqueaks!

All ages, at the DNA Lounge, tickets and info here!


It's the Deviant Nation Masked Soiree! Featuring semi-clothed women! Think about how cold they must be in those outfits! With our newly relocated labelmates Deconbrio! Watch James try to cope with the terrors of playing with two bands in one night!

21+, at the DNA Lounge, tickets and info here!

and finally:



Details still to come on this, our darkest hour. Watch as we do something terrifying: HEADLINE OUR OWN SHOW.

All ages, at 924 Gilman in Berkeley. Details still to come! Sexy, terrifying details!

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